Hey America help decide who will be apart of The Reel Deal season one! Go check out all these awesome people. Have a great night! :)

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Alexa Glaser (known on tumblr as Rheeish) a twenty-three year old Cincinnati native, born and raised in Clifton, has been announced as a semi-finalist on 21ST Century Pictures The Reel Deal. Glaser was chosen out of 27,000 submissions of aspiring actors, writers, directors, and composers to compete for the chance at being a finalist. 154 hopefuls were chosen and are now in the process of callbacks. The finalists will be announced on April 24th.

The show will shoot in July 2014 and is to include seven teams led by celebrity mentors. Each team will have one week to create a short film. Once completed the show will be distributed throughout various platforms online and will also be available through mobile devices.

To help Glaser become a part of this innovative series go to http://thereeldeal.tv/alexa-glaser/ once there check out her profile, videos, and feel free to leave a comment/like her at the bottom of the page. The more support through the show’s site, the better chance Alexa will have to represent Cincinnati as a finalist. If she is announced as a finalist for the show America will be able to vote on her profile through a new social media outlet called Squerb.com. If you’d like to follow Glaser’s journey there is a list of social media outlets connected to her show profile.

Glaser is honored and excited to be apart of this groundbreaking process and thanks everyone for their support in this endeavor.

Help Alexa Glaser prove that she’s THE REEL DEAL!

Daily Vlog

Remember that huge change that I mentioned the last time I was on here?

Well, it happened!

I quit my job and moved to Los Angeles, California. I’ve started a vlog about it and if you’d like to check it out just go to my youtube. My username over there for those of you who don’t know is rheeish! If not, it’s totally cool. I hope you guys are all doing well.


ps. How are you all doing with your fitness/life goals?

Lost & Gained: Insane, Work, and Sick.

Day 4: I did Insanity!

Day 5: I went to work and after work I hung out with my boyfriend and then I got a fever and progressed into getting really ill.

Day 6: I’m still very ill. I really just can’t workout. I slept for 8 hours today. I woke up and drove home from my boyfriends house, then I drove to work, got sent home after an hour, and then I drove home. All of those car commutes took thirty minutes a piece. I spent the majority of my day in the car before coming home at 11:30am taking a shower, eating lunch, and sleeping until about 8pm.

I got stuck at my boyfriends on day 5 because it’s snowing like crazy in Ohio. Apparently our annual snow accumulation in Cincinnati is 22 inches and this year we are already at 19… This winter is getting insane on us! We are supposed to get 3 or 4 more inches tonight. I like how pretty the snow is, but I don’t like the cold and don’t like driving to work in it. But, this is real life and I accept the issues it brings.

On a positive note I have a big change on the horizon. I will tell you all more about it once it’s official! Have a great night, I’m going to go pass out again and try to kick this bug in the butt.